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You have always thought that mind-altering drugs were bad. But Wait till you read this.

Mind-altering drug abuse remain to be a serious issue in society. Not only do these drugs have long term health effects, the economy of such drug often revolves around drug gangs and crimes. Death is often just a few steps away for government enforcer as well as drug peddlers. Drugs gangs often go into fatal drugs war to control profitable areas and police attempting to restore peace often find themselves being shot it. Not to mention innocent civilians being caught in the cross fires. Drugs and its associated activity rots society to its core.

Mind-altering drugs definitely have earn itself a bad name but that does mean they are definitely an evil. If administered in controlled amounts by medical professionals, certain mind-altering drugs can have medicinal properties.

#1 – Silocybic Mushrooms aka Magic Mushroom or Shrooms

Psilocybic mushroom is a type of mushroom often found in Mexico. These mushrooms contain Psilocybin which, when consumed will be broken into Psilocin. Psilocin is the main hallucinogen that alter your brain functions when you consume Psilocybic mushroom. Over 200 varieties of Psilocybic mushroom with varying concentration of Psilocybin are found in the wild. And its usage date back to very ancient times by cave painting.

During the 1971 UN conventions on Psychotropic, Psilocybic mushroom were made illegal due to its high potential to be abused. But in other European countries fresh Psilocybic mushrooms are not considered illegal but drying them would be illegal as it is deemed as drug preparation.

Pilocybic mushroom is listed as schedule 1 drugs by the US government, putting it alongside infamous drugs like Heroin and Ecstasy. However, recent studies have shown that these Psilocybic mushroom actually have medicinal properties. When these Psilocybic mushroom were consumed, its main constituents: Psilocybin is broken down into Psilocin when can bind to special receptor found on brain cells. The binding of Psilocin and brain cells receptor will stimulates the brain cell and cause it to multiply to take over damaged brain cells.

In a test conducted by Dr. Juan R.Sanchez-Ramos to investigate the effect of Psilocybic mushroom on neuroplasticity. In this test, mice were made to associate a specific sound with pain. Researcher do it by giving mice an electric shock when a specific sound is played. They found that when the sound was played, the mice would froze in fear. However, for mice that were fed Psilocybic mushroom were found to de-associate these sound with pain much faster than mice who did not eat any.

This suggested that Psilocybic mushroom can improve the rate of neuroplasticity and help erase bad memories. Furthermore, neuroscientists speculate that Psilocybic mushroom could even speed up learning since learning involves neuroplasticity.


Schmatics showing the increased number of neural connection after consumption of Magic Mushroom.

Secondly, Psilocybic mushroom were found to be capable of curing mental illnesses. Then patients suffering from depression and chronic anxiety were fed Psilocybic mushrooms, they displayed signs of improvement. They also report to be feeling more optimistic, happier and less self-centered for months after the treatment.

Neuroscientists believe that the main constituents of Psilocybic mushroom can unlock certain state of mind only possible when we are asleep. From the MRI scans of people who had just consumed Psilcybic mushroom, neuroscientists found that the brain region that was activated were strikingly similar to that when we were dreaming. It turns out that the hallucinating is in fact dreaming while still awake.

Furthermore, in yet another study on the effect of Psilocybic mushroom on mental health. Researcher from Johnson Hopskin hospital gave participants a controlled amount of Psilocybic mushroom. The participants later reported feeling more at peace with their life. And 14 months later, 94% of the participant felt that consuming Psilocybic mushroom were one of the top 5 most important moment in their life, 34% felt that is was the most important. Clearly, Psilocybic mushroom definitely have its positive effects on mental health.

#2 – MDMD or commonly known as Ecstasy.

Ecstasy were first made popular in 1970s as a potential treatment for depression and anxiety. And since then it has been widely abused as recreational drugs. In 1985, authorities moved in to clamp down on its usage and listed it as schedule 1 drugs. However continued research on MDMD have proven that these drugs would alleviate symptoms of post traumatic stress experienced by war veteran.

And in 2009,  a double blind, randomized and placebo controlled study of 15 healthy individuals have confirmed that MDMD drugs were capable of helping the brain release more oxytocin. and oxytocin is a hormones that is responsible for love and compassion and making people feel more relax ad at ease.

#3 – Cannabis or commonly known as marijuana

For thousands of years, cannabis have been used by the Chinese as medicine. Cannabis have wonderful medicinal properties that the Chinese Emperor himself listed it as one of the 50 basic ingredients in Chinese traditional medicine. Furthermore, the usage of cannabis have been recorded in ancient civilization like Egypt, India and English. Most of the common illness treated by cannabis is insomnia thanks to psychoactive properties of cannabis that can calm a person down.

Now, more and more states in america is starting to legalize the use of marijuana.






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