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Why You Own It To People Around You To Stay Positive.

Negativity is a bad habit. We can always choose how we respond to everyday events. You would be surprised that an identical event can invoke vastly different responses from different people. When an event happen to us, we are always given a choice of either positivity or negativity. But for a significant portion of the human race, they always choosing negativity even if things is trivial, even it things were meant to be happy occasions. Being negative once a while is fine but for chronic negative thinkers, it really disgust me. Little did they know that their negativity can have widespread effect on people around them and lowering their quality of life.

You own it to people around you to stay positive because negativity can spread. We all have a unique type of neurons known as mirror neurons. Not only does mirror neurons helps to move, think and feel, they also allows us to infer a person intentions from his movement, allow us to comprehend a person thinkings through languages and of course, allow all of us to synchronise our feelings. We are capable of sympathy because our mirror neurons can duplicate the pattern of activity of another person brain, onto our own brain. We feel happy when we are around happy people. And the presence of a sad person will dampened the happy spirits. Which is why you absolutely own it to others to stay positive. Walking into a happy party and dampening everyone spirits is just plain rude. At least if you cannot stay positive for your own sake, do it for others around you. Negative is like a disease, nasty and contagious. Keep it to yourself, no one want to contract your negativity.

Your own it to others to stay positive because your negativity drains us. We humans are sympathetic and negativity triggers off our sympathy. We cannot choose to ignore your negativity because sympathy is a form of instinct, something that is wired into our brain. No one can completely ignore your negativity, it always get into us somehow. And when our sympathy is being triggered? We become compelled to help you and when it happens, a struggle in our head began. We start contemplating if we should even help you since your negativity are from trivial issues. You are just being weak, you do not deserve any help until your help yourself from negative thoughts. But that does not meant we can completely ignore your negativity since human are sympathetic in nature. It become a struggle and it drains us. Period.

You own it to other to stay positive because negativity makes you sick and sick people is a burden. When you are feeling negative, your body knows. The master glands in your brain known as hypothalamus start secreting cortisol, causing blood glucose to rise. Prolonged periods of negativity will cause blood glucose level to stay high for a long period of time, eventually leading to glucose intolerance and diabetes. Negative people are stressed up people. Stresses cause your body to secrete gherlin which makes you hungry, makes you seek out food especially sugary food. And sugary food is extremely bad because they causes inflammation in your arteries, leading clogged arteries. High blood pressure, stroke and heart disease will follow. Not to mention that these disease often incapitate a person, preventing them from being independant and end up relying on people around them. All of the sake of negative thoughts.

You own it to others to stay positive because people around you want to succeed in life! Success requires clarity and it often eroded by public opinions because of goodwill. But for negative people like you? You get uncomfortable easily when people around you are optimistic and working hard to succeed in life. At first, you ignore but eventually you will resort to sprouting negativity to pull people down to make yourself comfortable. Most optimistic people would choose to ignore you but little did you know, that your negativity is extremely damaging to a person courage to fight for success. The road to success is daunting but people still take it because the perceived rewards is worth the efforts. However, sadly your negativity can make a person perceive the rewards to be lower, killing their motivations, stifling their growth and make them less likely to succeed in life.

In conclusion, negativity is a bad habit. It is something that affect yourself and affect the people around you. Negativity can spread because we all have mirror neurons and we have no control over it. In the process, we become obliged to help you and it drains us. Also, negativity affect your physical health, incapacitating yourself and become reliant on people around you. Negativity harms budding entrepreneurs because it chip away at their courage and faith. If you find yourself unable to stay positive, at least do it for people around you. Negativity harms them too.

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