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When Was The Last Time You Had Clarity?

One fine day, you heard of success stories of young kids getting insanely rich making mobile apps. You thought, how hard could that be anyway? You then paid thousands to learn mobile application.

But less than two weeks later, someone you knew just made his first million dollar in forex. “Oh wow, forex seems easy and lucrative, I am going to crush it.” 3 days later you gave up on forex because you had just lost a few thousands dollar. And there you are, back to zero. Not mentioning that you had just lost money and precious time.

If you were to ask me what is it that you do not have, I would say it is clarity. Clarity is the ability to know exactly what we really wants, to see the price of success clearly and understand that it is not going to be easy.


Why have it been so difficult for us to have clarity?

Steve Jobs once said “A lot of times, people do not know what they want until you showed it to them.” We are constantly changing what we want. The grass is always greener on the other side. When we see young kids getting insanely rich on mobile apps, it makes us want to do mobile apps application. And when we start doing mobile application? Another big news on someone striking it rich on affiliate marketing, then another on selling startups, then forex, then car dealership, then stock market. It just never stop. Unless you start having some clarity, you will forever find yourself in different industry every now and then and not achieving anything significant.

Sometimes, we forget that we still need to work hard to be successful. Our brain requires effort and time to remould itself to make you successful. There are definitely people who get lucky and become successful with little or no efforts. They do exist. But never allow their bragging to think that working hard is stupid because if you do, you lose clarity and sight of your goals. You end up finding yourself trying out your luck in different areas and spread yourself way too thin. You become good in a lot of things but never the best.


Having clarity makes it very HARD to give up

Criticism will always be there. People will question your plans with very strong and valid points. Sometime they care about you, not wanting to see you suffer and being unhappy.

But when you are very clear of your future and had crystal clear clarity that your produce or services will bring benefits to others. You find it so hard to give up. You simply stop procrastinating. You start telling yourselves: If this is what it takes, then this is what it takes. Because if you have done what it takes, you will get what you want.

Clarity is so important. People without clarity will often themselves trying to reasons their plans and action. “Is whatever I am doing right now, bring me to where I want to be?” But in the first place, you do not even know where you want to be. The moment you start doubting yourself, is the moment you lose that strength to fight away all the negative feedback.


Clarity makes you a great leader.

One of the important aspect to being a great leader is about confidence. You can never be confidence if you are not sure of what you want. Having that clarity about your goals and methodology gives you a sense of certainty and confidence.

Neuroscience have discovered that we all have mirror neurons. And these mirror neurons cause us to imitate the behaviour we see in others. What happen when a leaders is certain and confidence? His or her followers become certain as well and this a sense of certainty releases chemicals in the brains, like serotonin and dopamine, that create positive feelings of security and anticipation. When people start to feel secured and enthusiastic? They produce great work.


Clarity makes you successful!

In this world, all industries makes money. But there is a catch: you have to be the top 5%. Being in the top 5% takes hard work and dedication and of course time. Success does not belong to those who are constantly pivoting, not knowing with clarity what they truly want. If you always changing what you want, then of course, you will find yourself constantly starting all over in different industry, doing different things, a jack of all trade but master of none.

When you want something with absolute clarity, nothing else will distract you. You would find the energy, time and dedication to take your skills to a new level be it dancing, writing or business. When you focus on just one thing and work harder than anyone else at it, you will find yourself being the best. And behold, the best always get paid top dollars.


In conclusion, have crystal clear clarity of your goals and dreams is akin to a very sharp knife. You basically cut through anything that stand in your way. It is really hard to have clarity because of news of people succeeding in many different industry and it really makes you feel like wanting to follow their footstep. It is dangerous because it meant abandoning whatever you are doing right now. Be strong-willed and have some faith in yourself, never stop believing that all the efforts you had put in will make you successful.

But always remember, that you can be successful in any industry and the reasons why others make it so easy is because they have been doing the same things for a long time. It is time for you to regain that clarity, never lose focus, keep grinding on and improve on your skills. It definitely worth while to have clarity. With clarity, you become great leaders, you get people to help you achieve your goals. No doubt, in every endeveour, there will always be challenges and the best way to overcome them is be very clear in your head about your end result. And lastly, clarity keeps you focused and help you become the best. Because you are so clear that you want to be the best in that industry and nothing else will matters.


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