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What Else, Apart From Whey Protein, Do You STILL Need To Bulk Up?

Whey protein supplements are proven by scientists to be effective in increasing muscle mass in young adults. But are whey proteins magic bullets to every man issues with muscle size? Definitely not, whey proteins are just part of an equation to bulking up. Here’s 5 other things you need to bulk up.

#1 You Need A Good Reason.

You need a good reason because a good reason keeps you highly motivated to gym. No amount of whey protein can bulk you up unless you are motivated to hit the gym frequently.

Human become motivated to gym when the perceived rewards from gymming are worth the efforts. However, their motivational level would varies, depending on how good their reasons are.

Reason like bulking up to attract females are rather shallow and it does not motivate you as much. Reasons being simple: there are plenty of females who doesn’t just focus on your physical. And your skinny friend with that attractive female just prove it all. Why work so hard to bulk up when you can still have females with a skinny body? Alternatively, many bulky guys lose their motivation to gym once they have got the girl. Mission accomplished, why still gym? Using females as a reason to gym is a bad move. And this group of men tend to fail in their gym regime.

But for another group of men, they have very good reason to gym. They gym because they face oppression often at work or in school. Their voice are often not heard or ignored and it irks the hell out of them. Oppression angers men, especially when men is oppressed in front of attractive females. All this hate get bottled up and fuel their gym efforts. They need to bulk up, not to oppressed others but to liberate themselves from oppression. This group of men are usually very successful with their gym regime. They seldom give up because giving up meant more oppression.

Everyone have a reason to hit the gym but not all reasons are equal. When you do not have a good reasons, you will lose the motivation to gym. You can have the most expensive and effective whey protein but without the motivation to gym, you will never bulk up.

Find yourself a good reason to gym. Doesn’t matter if it is unethical. So long you have a good reasons, you will never run out of motivation to gym. For which, the only thing that will truly stand between you and that perfect body is the motivation to gym.

#2 You Need Good Nutrients

Your body functions as a whole. The biological process to build muscle is highly complicated and requires large amount of support from other organs to proceed normally. For example, hormones are need to initiate the growth of your muscle, your body would requires proper nutrients to remove toxic metabolic byproducts like urea and lactic acids. Also, you body have to properly break down and absorb whey protein before you can bulk up. All this biological process definitely requires more than just whey protein.

In a study to investigate the rate of absorption of whey protein in young healthy male, participants were split into two group. Both groups were given the same amount of whey protein. But the second group drank whey protein with proteolytic enzymes; digestive enzymes often found in fruits. Urine sample are taken over 24 hours to determine the amount of protein absorbed. Scientists found that participants who have drank whey protein with proteolytic enzymes excrete lesser nitrogenous compound in their urine, meaning they have absorbed a higher level of protein. Higher protein absorptions helps you build muscle faster.

Muscle building is not simply about consuming whey protein.

What happens after consumption of protein is also critical. There are a huge amount of critical nutrients you need to be successful in building muscles. For example, fats like omega-3 for nerve building, minerals like calcium ions from vegetables for proper muscle contraction, carbohydrates as energy for your body to synthesize muscle cells, antioxidants from coloured fruits and vegetables to counter oxidative stress during gymming.

#3 You need razor sharp focus

Having good reasons to gym is one thing but you also need to stay ruthlessly focused to bulk up. Losing focus is perhaps one of the key reasons why people takes such a long time to bulk up.

In the gym, there can be many distraction. It could be that domineering male lifting crazy amount of weights or a group of attractive women in their tight fit gym clothing. Never allow that domineering male in the gym to distract you. His size and yelling can distract you and make you feel bad about yourself. Never allow yourself to feel bad about yourself, for which negative energy is extremely detrimental to your gym building efforts.

Also, attractive women can be a huge source of distraction in a gym. In a study to investigate the effects of attractive women on men brain function, scientist found that attractive women can literally make men lose their mind. Men were made to chat with attractive women and immediately after the chat, they are required to do IQ test. Those who have chat with women actually displayed a much lower IQ compared to men who have not spoke to any women.

Neuroscientist speculate that in the presence of an attractive women, men allocate more mental resources to impress women and in the process, deprive themselves of their own intelligent. Men become motivated to impress a woman when the woman is deemed to be attractive. You, too can be a victim. The presence of attractive women can throw your focus off.

Being focused on your gym regime is crucial to maintaining an high efficiency at the gym, allowing you attain that perfect body in the shortest possible time. The longer you take to achieve that perfect, the longer you have to put up with that lousy life. Stay focused, get that perfect body as soon as possible.

#4 You need a system.

Successful people have goals but little did people know, successful people seldom focuses on goals. Goals itself is not a good motivator, it simply reminds you of the work that need to be done. Successful people on the other hand set themselves up such that they never need motivation to get things done. They create system in which they would follow religiously to develop a habit of getting things done.

For example, instead of having goals of 6 figures monthly income, successful people focuses on their system. A system of meeting different people for lunch everyday, expanding network, reading books every saturday, calling 50 prospect a day or waking up at 3 am just to work.

Motivating yourself to gym can be tricky. Your motivation to gym can be influenced by different event that happens to you from a day to day basis. For example, just when you are getting ready to gym, your girlfriend might call you for some sexy time etc.

However, if you set up a system that you will follow religiously to develop a habit of going to gym. Becoming a habitual gym goers removes motivation from the equation. You have a system that will get you into a gym no matter what. In fact, having a system will make you feel weird if you do not go to gym.

A system can be as simple as setting aside time every alternate days for gymming. Or a system can be as complicated to setting up rewards and punishment to encourage yourself to gym. You need to have a systematic approach to your gym regime. A system allows you to develop the habit to going to gym. Also, you need a system even when you are in the gym. You can’t simply do chest press just because you feel like doing it. You do chest press because your system dictates it You have to follow the system, you have to do 20 reps of chest press whether or not you like it.

#5 You need fitness knowledge

Fitness knowledge is not just about how you train, it’s also about what happen when you are not training. For example, world class olympians doesn’t simply train the whole day. Proper rest and relaxation periods are strategically sandwiched between bouts of training sessions. Furthermore, there are specific ways for olympians to train efficiently and safely. Time is limited and olympians simply cannot afford to waste time doing redundant movement or getting themselves injured.

You too, have limited time. You need to know the proper techniques of gymming to boost your productivity in a gym. Not just to help you get that perfect body in shortest possible time but also to prevent common gym injuries, for example spine/knees/elbow injuries.

In conclusion, there are other things that you need to bulk up. Whey protein supplements provide the building block to help you gain muscle mass. However, consuming of whey protein alone does not bulk you up, you still need to hit the gym frequently. Our body cannot absorb protein as fast as we drink it, this often result in wastage and you need good nutrients to improve protein absorption. Lastly, knowledge like creating a gymming system and the proper way to gym is also critical to bulk yourself up. Without all 5 things mentioned above, you will never bulk even you had the most effective and expensive whey protein on this planet.

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