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Thinking Differently could be your one and only chance to success.

In this world, there are many people who work very hard but they not yet successful. It’s so unethical to make these people work so hard for such little salary. And that’s the reasons for this article.

Actually one of the biggest misconception about success is that hardwork equal success. And the harder you work, the more the reward and that is totally wrong. Most successful people didn’t even work as hard as their worker and yet they are very successful. There is only one thing that separate the successful and unsuccessful people and that’s the ability to think differently.

Thinking differently is very important because it influence the action you will take. And different thinking result in different action. Many successful entreprenuer didn’t become successful just by working hard like everyone else. Because When you do what everyone else is doing, you will get what everyone else is getting.

The first step to success is not working hard but to think differently and do things differently.

think different

Our pattern of thoughts is determined by the specific arrangement of our brain circuits. And these ciruits are created when our brain add or remove new neuro connections based on our experience, environment or culture. And for those circuits that are often used, they get stronger and strong and less likely to be remould. It’s just like our pattern of thoughts, the more you use a specific pattern of thoughts, the less likely you are to think differently. Most of the successful people become very successful because of doing just one think. For example, Bills gate wrote a single softward that rocketed him into riches. Richard Branson was stranded and he simply rented a plane and sold the tickets and become rich. Steve jobs rocketed into success because of Apple II and Machintos. Perhaps the first step to success is not working hard but to think differently and do things differently.

It’s very very difficult to think differently. Because since young, those who think differently are punished. And years and years of thinking like an employee would rewires our brain deeply, making it much harder to think differently.

Our brain is very much capable of rewiring itself to adapt to new environment. But if the rewiring process have to remove strong and thick neuro connections, the process will then be very difficult. Since young, we have been taught to use a specific way of thinking by our parents for 2 decades. And 2 decades of using the same pattern or thoughts will make our neuro connection very strong and difficult to change. Furthermore, change is something that is often frowned upon as those who think differently were often punished. As a result, we were raised as a generation of dull people with almost identical and predictable way of thinking. And you did expect to be successful with those kind of thinking?

Nerve cells firing, artwork

Image show the different connections between brain cells. Some stronger, some weaker.

Our thoughts are very much physical. We just can’t simply change our pattern of thoughts just by thinking. We need destablizers.

Destablizer are powerful new experience that can distrupt and cause paradigm shift in the pattern of your thinking. And thinking is very important because thinking provides directions, it gives you a clear idea of what you need to do to get to what you ever wanted. And thinking shapes the nature of action that you will take and based on the action that you take, you will get vastly different result. To illustrate the importance of thinking, a business mentor named Keith Cunningham famously told his secretary when she knock on his door asking for his decision to takeover a large company. His reply was “My next available time to think is 6am tomorrow. You’ll have a decision by 7 am“. Wow, setting aside time just to plainly think is such a new concept.


In fact, setting aside time to plainly think have tremedous benefits on for your cognitive abilities. Prisoner of war during the Vietname war developed astonishing cognitive abilites when they came home. When neuroscientist asked them what they did, they simply said they did nothing but think. They added that they thinking is the only thing they could do to past time since they were locked up and not allowed to communicate. Furthermore, they sure have plenty of time to think.

It’s important to destablize your thinking once in awhile so it help your mind to boost awareness and let you see lucrative opportunity like how Richard Branson saw an opportunity to sell airplane tickets when he was stranded with other passenger on an island.

What’s a destablizer? It can be

  1. A holiday
  2. A Seminar
  3. Reading a new book / essay
  4. Videos / DVD
  5. Meetings with a Mentors
  6. Discussion with like-minded peers. Ben Franklin started a club called Junto which had the goal of mutual improvement. They met every Friday evening to discuses business, personal issues, philosophy, morals, & politics.
  7. It could even be just plain time to think


For most of us, we definitely have no problem with working hard. But why aren’t all of us successful entrepreneurs? It’s not your boss, it’s not your spouses nor your children that is holding you back. It’s your way of thinking and your way of thinking is sabotaging you by preventing you from seeing new pockets of business opportunity nor help you come up with creative new solutions to problems. Albert Einstein once said ” success if 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration “. We all have that 99% perspirations but we just don’t have that 1 % yet! We all work hard but we never worked smart. For once in your life, do yourself a favour, think differently and work smart not hard.

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration


Again, our thoughts are physical neuro connections between our brain cells. And it’s very difficult to change our way of thinking because we are used to it. But that does not meant that you can forget about thinking differently. Always use destablizer whenever it’s possible because destablizer rewires your brain and changes your way of thinking. Your new way of thinking can help you seek out new business opportunities that will make you insanely rich. Be creative so you can innovate new ways of solving problems and be paid big money to help others.

So in conclusion, if you are still wondering why you aren’t successful yet. The answer is simple, your brain is simply not wired to make you successful.You pattern of thinking is just like anyone else. If you think like everyone, do like everyone then you will get what everyone else is getting. Learn how to think differently by using destablizer, get used to your new way of thinking so you can spot new pockets of business opportunities and innovate your way to success. Lastly, sharpen your ability to think different because just that one percent of thinking differently could very be your one and last chance to success and riches.


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