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The 4Cs Of Mental Toughness for… Maximum Gyming Efficiency.

Mental toughness is defined as the ability to excel consistently under difficult conditions where others will give up or fail.

Sport scientists and coaches from many different types of sports have agreed that mental toughness makes successful athlete successful. In a bid to create more successful athlete, scientists have made many attempts at understanding mental toughness and developing techniques to make a budding athlete mentally tough. Over the years, psychologists and neuroscientists have discovered the 4 traits that is constantly present in mentally tough athlete. They are namely: commitment, confidence, control and concentration.

By emulating those 4 characteristic, a person can better improve their mental toughness. Being mentally tough is essential as it help plow through your gym regime with ruthless efficiency, thereby allowing you to achieve that perfect body in the shortest possible time.

Firstly, mentally tough people have a very strong sense of commitment. When they made a goal to attain that perfect body within a specific timeline, they do not give up till they get that perfect body. Mentally tough people knew too much is at stake for giving up. Unless you are committed to attaining your perfect body, you will find yourself being mentally weak and often procrastinating on gym regime.

Many people are simply not committed to their gym regime. Look at the people who are constantly taking a break in the gym. These people are mentally weak and do not deserve a perfect body. The lack of commitment is due to most people not having a strong reason to gym.

Was it that you have always been looked down upon? Was it that you want some sexy time with women? Good. Find yourself a strong reason to gym. Never forget your reasons for wanting a perfect body, for which it will help you stay committed and mentally tough to work through your gym regime with ruthless efficiency.

Secondly, mentally tough people have a high level of confidence. In the face of failures, they never believe it was their inadequacies. Instead, they truly believe that they have the skills but failed because of bad luck. They always believe all they need to succeed is just one more try and those beliefs gave them the mental toughness they need to keep trying.

Same goes for gymming. You need to be confident in your ability to attain that perfect body. The process to getting a perfect body will be tough and results will not be instantaneous. When result are not instant, it’s very easy to blame oneself for bad genetics and factors beyond our control. Soon, you would start believing that you had given your best but failed because of factors beyond your own control which is totally wrong! Unless you are confidence of your own capabilities, you would find yourself losing that mental toughness and being inefficient with your gym regime.

Have faith and confidence in yourself. The only thing that is stopping you is you yourself, it is something that can be changed. If something can be changed, then it is worth your effort to stay mentally tough to get it changed. Be confidence in yourself, for which it will help your brain rationalize your hard work, allowing you to stay mentally tough.

Thirdly, mentally tough people control their emotions and attitude well. It’s important for athlete to control their emotions well, especially during high stress environments like competitions. Losing control of ones emotions would meant distraction and weaken the mind. Preventing athlete from performing at their highest level.

Learn to control your emotion well when you gym. Especially when you are close to your limits. For most people, negative emotions would kick in when we are close to our limits. These negative emotions are not real but when it is not well-managed, it would become very real. You will lose mental toughness if you cannot control your negative emotions, often resulting in inefficiency in your gym regime.

Lastly, mentally tough people have an amazing ability to concentrate well. Sport scientists found that top performing athletes are able to concentrate for more than 45 minutes consistently to perfect their skills. Concentration is critical to improving their skills fast, for which the lack of concentration would cause athlete to miss out tiny details that might result in a drastic improvement of their skills.

It’s critical to concentrate on your gymming, do not let people around you distract you. Not even your gym buddy who are constantly getting you to have a break, nor that pretty woman in the gym. Physical limits is purely psychological so it’s important that your focus on your gymming to increase your efficiency in a gym.

In conclusions, mental toughness makes you a more efficient in a gym, thereby allowing you to attain that perfect body in the shortest possible amount of time. We see that mental toughness is influenced by the 4Cs namely commitment, confidence, control and concentrate. All these 4 traits of a mentally tough person can be learned and need not be exclusive to only top-performing athlete. Hopefully, you will become more efficient in gym with the 4Cs and may you attain that perfect body as soon as possible.

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