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Severe Brain Injuries ALMOST Killed These 3 People. But When They Start to Eat THIS Everyday. Wow.

Death were already knocking on their door as these 3 people were delivered the death sentence by skeptical doctors. To these doctors, they are just yet another unfortunate case but to their families, it meant a world to them. Desperate to get their family member well, they decided to try something rather unconventional : feeding them with fish oil daily despite doctors’ advice not to. And you would be glad that they did.

And now, these people who were once declared brain dead by their doctors are now very alive and living their life to the fullest. And these are their truly inspiring story.


#1 Patient – Grant Virgin

The flashing lights and the unmistakeable ambulance siren jolted John Virgin and his young son Bryce from their early morning sleep. Medical staffs were seen jostling just behind their home.  And when John Virgin decided to check out the situation. His heart just sank.

His son Grant Virgin was involved in a hit-and-run accident during his routine walk around the neighbourhood. He had a long list of injuries ranging from fractured skull, broken spinal cord and severe bleeding throughout his brain.


And within minutes, Grant Virgin were airlifted to a nearby hospital for an emergency trauma treatment. “He’s lucky if he can survive the night” said the trauma surgeon who operated on Grant Virgin. Doctors were pessmistic and have very slim hope that Grant Virgin who survive, let alone returning back to normal life.

“It’s like, how dare you not fight for my son’s life?” Screamed Grant Virgin’s mom. And she have every reasons to do so, her son meant the world to her and how can these doctors gave up on Grant Virgin?

Frustrated with doctors’ inaction. Grant Virgin family secretly fed him with fish oil. And after 48 hours and 2 doses of fishoil, something amazing happened. Grant Virgin woke up from his coma and request to speak to his family. He conversed with his mom and even till this day, his mom just couldn’t believe how fast her son has recovered.

It’s truly amazing considering that just 8 weeks earlier, the doctors have told Grant Virgin’s parents to give him up to god. Thankfully, they didn’t listened else all these would not have being possible.



And after almost 10 weeks in emergency care, Grant Virgin has been transferred out to a normal ward and fed 20grams of fish oil daily. He has since made tremedous amount of improvement.


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#2 Patient – Bobby Ghassemi

In March 2010. A 17 years old boy has been driving fast along a winding road in Virginia. Suddenly, his car skidded and barreled off the road. When he was found by paramedics, Bobby was unconscious and barely breathing.

When Bobby got into a hospital, his family were told to prepare for the worst. And by day 3, doctors declared Bobby brain dead. Even thought Bobby condition had stablized after 10 days, the doctors decided to do nothing and wait. Frustrated with all the waiting, Bobby’s dad decided to call all his friends and finally met a Colonel who was once a doctor. He offered something rather unconventional : Fish Oils.


Bobby’s dad have no choice left and decided to give fish oil a try.  And just after 2 weeks of consuming fish oils daily. Bobby’s body began to move. And by the 5th or 6th week, Bobby is already awake and showing signs of recognizing his family members and was able to discern simple shape and colours.


And amazingly, just 3 month after the accident, Bobby is well enough to attend his high school Graduation. “The whole place was cheering for me, and they all stood up and were screaming and cheering my name,” Ghassemi, now 20, recalls with a smile. “I took my graduation cap off and waved it around.”


Bobby is still far from full recovery as he have to relearn how to walk. But still, his recovery is definitely very fascinating.


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#3 Patient – Randal McCloy

When McCloy and his co-worker found a toxic gas pocket while tunneling, they quickly report it to their superior. However, their superior responded by simply sealing the gas pocket with a normal glue. And McCloy was then ordered to continue work. Suddenly. McCloy and his co-worker toxic gas detector began to beep. They knew that toxic gases is building up and did what exactly what they were trained to do.  However, out of 13 workers, 4 of their emergency oxygen packs were not working.  The air turned bad quickly and their escape route was cut off.

Desperate, McCloy and his Co-working retreat deeper into a coal crib and hang a curtain at the entrance to limit the movement of toxic gases. They started to hammer around their crib and hope that they can attract the attention of the rescuers.


Image show the crib that McCloy and his 12 Late Co-worker were hiding.

However, despite their best effort. Their emergency oxygen pack ran out of oxygen and toxic gases began to fill up their crib. One by one, they slowly passed out, and McCloy was the last one. Worst still, a explosion rip through the coal mine and sealed the mine entrance.

Now with more than 85meters of dirt above their head, McCloy and his co-worker can only hope for the best. And when rescue finally comes to them after 41 hours. All miners except McCloy were dead. McCloy were found in critical condition and was rushed to the hospital immediately.

Upon admitting, doctors found that McCloy was suffering from heart, kidney, liver and brain failure. There is nothing the doctors could do to save McCloy. Instead of waiting for him to die, the doctor resposible for McCloy,  Dr. Bailes decided to ask his friend Dr Sears for a large supply of OmegaRX, an ultra-refined concentrade of fish oils.


McCloy were fed 30 grams of Fish Oils daily and the chemicals inside fish oil helped McCloy by reducing inflammation and have since reverse the damaged done to his heart, kidney and liver. And after 4 months after the Sago Mine Accident, McCloy is now home with his loved ones. And he even met with George Bush! Amazing!



There is definitely a reason why these Grant Virgin, Bobby Ghassemi and Randal McCloy were able to recover from death threatening brain injuries just by consuming fish oil. According to Lewis, an army colonel and doctor, he said that “It really gets down to what I would call my brick wall analogy. If you have a brick wall and it gets damaged, wouldn’t you want to use bricks to repair the wall? And omega-3 fatty acids are literally the bricks of the cell wall in the brain”

Fish oils is incredibly good for the brain. It is because fish oils contains high level of omega-3 fatty acids that the brain requires to create new neurons and repair damaged one. Lewis also added that the human brain, which itself is a fatty mass, is about 30% composed of omega-3 fatty acids.

The implication of their stories is huge. Approximately 1.7million people in America suffers from brain trauma. Not mentioning stroke, Parkinson diseases and Alzheimer’s disease

“The message that I’m trying to get across is, there’s more you can do,” Lewis said. “If you add omega-3s, we can then begin to let the brain heal itself a little more efficiently.”

“Up until the time the pharmaceutical industry gives us a drug that cures all brain injury, this is the best hope we have,” Bailes said.


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