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Scientist discovered two factors that made creative people creative.

Creative. Creative. Creative. Easily the most used words when describing entrepreneurs and successful people. Creativity is the ability to form see things in a different light and create innovative solutions. And through creativity, entrepreneur were able to generate great ideas from which they can monetize on and become successful and wealthy. Neuroscientist have long pondered about creativity and yet have not much clue what caused creativity. Furthermore creativity activate a huge number of areas of your brain which further complicate research work. But one thing for sure is we want to know what cause creative people to become creative. Only then could we make everyone else creativity too.

New recent advances in neuroscience have finally shed some light on creativity. Neuroscientist have narrowed down two factors that have made creative individuals creative. They found that creative individuals are both highly sensitive and intelligent. They also discovered that the lack of either one of the two factors usually have dire consequences and creative individuals do pay a huge price to be creative.


Creative People are extremely sensitive about their surrounding. They are constantly taking in huge amount of information.


Creative people are sensitive to people feeling and they are sensitive to inert object around them too. They are aware of the object’s location, colours, shape and just about anything about objects around them. They have this amazing ability to recall in great detail of a room that they have been to, perhaps some even after 5 to 6 years.

In a study on creative people ability to pick up details of objects around them. Dr whoever and his team of researcher flashed different cards with different words and colour rapidly to a group of participants. The researcher found that creative individual were able to recall the sequence, the colors and the word much better than their counterparts. Suggesting that creative people have this amazing ability to absorb great amount of information around them and store them well.

It’s crucial that for anyone who want to be creative, they have to be able to take in huge amount of information. Afterall, creativity is about piecing together old and new information with links that does not appear to be obvious to people. And the ability to take in huge amount of information will give you the raw materials from which creative ideas are manufactured from.


Creative people must have neccessary brain power to process huge amount of information.

There is a strong correlation between depression and creativity. In fact 12 out of 100 creative people will develop some form of depression as compared to just 5.45 out of 100 normal people. Creativity is in fact quite a force to be reckon with. But such great brain power definitely come with it’s own risk and throughout human history, many famous creative people have commited sucides and died.


Neuroscientists speculate that sensitivity alone is not sufficient for an individual to be creative and in fact, sensitive alone can kills. This is because sensitive individuals will tend to find themselves bombarded with huge amount of information. Insufficient brain power to process these information can lead being overwhelmed with information and cause their brain to overload and become insane. As such, intelligence is also crucial for creativity. And in a survey conducted on creative yet mentally healthy individuals, there is a strong correlations between creativity and IQ.

In conclusion, sensitivity and intelligent is two crucial factors required for a person to be creative. The lack of sensitivity would meant that your brain will take in less information which meant lesser raw materials from which creative ideas are manufactured from.But sensitivity alone is risky if a person lack the intelligence to process huge amount of information. As taking in huge amount of information would quickly cause their brain to be overloaded and resulting in depression or insanity. Creativity is no doubt human greatest gift but creativity have it’s own risks. While creativity can make a person insanely successful and rich, the same power can also make a person to be depressed and commit sucides. Just take note of that.

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