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The Placebo Effects and Positive Thinking. How those two will shape your future.

If there is one thing that always sabotaging a researcher work, then it would definitely be placebo effects. Placebo effect is observed in almost all experiment. It’s when the human test subject produce a physical and measurable side-effect despite being given pharma or biological inactive substance like sugar pills or vegetable oil. And there are many famous experiment conducted on placebo effects and they have so far proved that thinking alone can cause physical and measurable side-effect in your body and brain..

In a 2002 study posted on The American Journal of Psychiatry. Dr. Andrew F. Leuchter and his team discovered that patient diagnosed with clincal depression  actually did recovered from depression after being treated with placebo medicine. In fact, they recovered faster and better than their counterparts who were on actual anti-depressants.


In yet another study posted on the Journal of Neuroscience, human test subjects were given a painful but harmless injection into their jaw. They were then split into two group randomly and one group is given actual painkillers and another placebo painkillers. They were then survey about the intensity of their pain and went through a brain scan. The researchers actually found that both group actually perceived that the pain have weaken. Furthermore, brain scans have shown that the part of their brain responsible for pain actually become less active for the two group of test subjects.

So while placebo is clearly in your head, it’s definitely not just psychological.


So if thinking alone can alter your body and brain, how would should we channel those capability to shape our future? Apparently, the answer lies in positive thinking.

In life, when it comes to being achieving what you desire, you are bound to face failures, adversity and rejection. Even very successful entrepreneur do and if not, much more failure that you could imagine. And if you want to be successful, you have to be persistent, you must have a strong will. According to authors at, they mentioned that positive thinking can help a person bounce back from failures. On the other hand negative thinking can be so overwhelming that it paralyze a person and stop him/her from realizing their fullest potential.

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And according to Dr. Barbara Fredrickson a pscyhology expert at the University of North Caroline. she added that positive thinking help boost awareness and attention which is something that helps entrepreneur spot new pockets of business opportunity. Also, positive thinking quickly eliminate negative thinking. “It’s a good things because negative thinking undermine your brain capability to think rationally and creatively and thus prevent you from finding creative solution to problem.” And creative problem solving is absolutely critical to the success of an entrepreneur.

In another study published in The Journal of Neuroscience, Dr. Marloes J. A. G. Henckens and his team of researchers have found that test subject who were stressed up by negative thoughts have a hard time memorizing things. This could spell trouble for students who are negative thinkers as negative thoughts could undermine their academic capability, leading to scoring badly in examination. In turn, causing their self-esteem to plummets and more negative thoughts in them, this would ultimately lead to a downward spiral. And students would simply give up on studying altogether.


Many great entrepreneur have given the credits of their success to positive thinking. For example the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos was a great positive thinker. He once quote “Every Challenge is an Opportunity”. Jeff Bexon didn’t have it easy when he first started Amazon. Jeff had to compete with eBay and sacrificed his profits margin to advertise on google but according to a article on, Jeff managed to outsmart his competitors through innovation and invention. And he gave credits to positive thinking.

Positive thinking is definitely not just in your head. Just like The Placebo Effects, positive thinking can produce physical and measurable changes to your body and brain as well. Researcher who survey numerous Centenarians said that there is one thing in common among of them and that is positive thinking/attitude.It’s speculated among scientist and doctors that positive think increases immunity and help patient fight off infection and recover faster. And for Centenarians, positive thinking definitely played a part in helping them live 25% longer to a hundred while their peers simply dies off at 80.

If you want to be successful in life, whether it’s financially or academically or even just staying healthy. Start with positive thinking.


In conclusion, we have seen how thinking alone can alter your body and brain through experiments carried out on The Placebo Effect. Positive thinking helps you to keep bouncing back from numberous failures and keep you moving forward. Positive thinking help you stay focus and perserverse on the most difficult task. As most entrepreneur put it “The faster you fails, the sooner you will succeed”. Also positive thinking will help you boost your awareness and encourage creative thinking something which are critical to be successful as an entrepreneur. And just in case your are a student, you should note that stress from negative thinking affect your brain capability to form memories. And Lastly, if you ever want to be successful in life, start by thinking positively.

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