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Let Me DESTROY Your Loserish Mindsets With These 7 Scientific Replies

No one is born a winner or loser. But somehow along the way, some became winner and some became loser. We are constantly bombarded with huge amount of information. We have to censor and absorb selectively but not everyone censor and absorb the same thing. Some picked up good informations and went on to become winners. Others, picked up the wrong information and developed loserish mindset. Now, I will destroy those loserish mindset of your with these 7 scientific replies.

#1 Loser Mindset: That’s it. My Muscle at their limit. Time for me to quit for the day.

Bullshit. Just when you think you are at your muscular limits, you are barely halfway through. Do you know that a chimpanzee is 4 times stronger than a male athletic human despite sharing 99% of our genetic materials. Furthermore, microscopic analysis of chimpanzee muscle cells reveals no significant difference from that of a human. The amazing muscular strength of a chimpanzee illustrate the fact that human muscle can exert a force several times larger than it’s limit.

According to Vladimir Zatsiorsky, a professor of kinesiology at Pennsylvania State University who has extensively studied the biomechanics of weightlifting. Vladimir discovered that humans muscular limits is purely psychological. He explains that our muscle requires electrical impulses from our brain to contract and it’s our brain that couldn’t output sufficient electrical impulses to contract all our muscle cells. Vladimir estimated that for an average human, we could only activate 65% of our muscle cells at one time, greatly limiting our muscular strength.

Just when you think you are at your muscular limits, you are just barely halfway through. You are just being a loser who cannot take pain. No pain no gain. Every second spent resting meant another seconds of living in that shit life of yours

#2 Loser Mindset: I just work up. I’m so tired. I have no energy at all!

Bullshit. Let’s see if how energetic you can be if there’s a 3 flying cockroaches in your room. Human can never run out energy because if you do, you will be dead. The reason for procrastinating on your morning gym regime is because your outer brain is weak.

Our brain is divide into outer and inner regions.The outer region allows you to conduct higher level thoughts for example: motivating yourself to gym. Your inner brain focuses on very primal instinct like conserving energy for survival. Your inner and outer brain would fight each other because the demand for energy by your outer brain, contradicts with your inner brain desire to conserve energy.  And when your outer brain loses the fight? You find yourself procrastinating on your gym regime.

Why did your outer brain loses the fight? Simple. You just didn’t have a good reasons to gym. Losers always lose because they never had a reason to win. It’s never about not having the energy to gym, it’s just you being weak.

#3 Loser Mindset: I don’t have the genes to be buff. I am not born to do it!

Bullshit. Everyone have the genes to be buff. If not for the “buff” genes, you and your ancestor would never have existed! Everyone have the genes to be buff, it’s up to you to gym and activate those “buff” genes. Muscular growth is just a natural biological response from your body to adapt to its surrounding. The more often you expose yourself to punishing environment, the more muscle your body will grow to adapt to the punishing environment.

Humans have been around for 170,000 years. And it’s only in the past century that we can live in a peaceful and stable world. Human history have been filled with war and violence. When a human is born without “buff” genes, he/she is quickly eliminated before he/she can leave behind offspring. Likewise for people with more “buff” genes, they are able to fight and defend themselves, allowing themselve to live long enough to pass down the buff genes. Over a period of time, only human with buff genes will survive to reproduce the next generation of humans just like you.

Now, never say you do not have the “buff” genes. If not for the “buff” genes, you and your ancestor would not have existed. The fact that you are alive and breathing meant you had the “buff” genes. No more excuse. You are just being a loser not willing to step out of comfort zones and to put yourself in a punishing environment. A calm sea never made a good sailor.

#4 Loser Mindset: No matter how much protein I ate, I just can’t bulk up!

Bullshit. If you consume enough protein and workout, you will bulk up. Protein is the building block for your muscle because your muscle is also made of protein. However, protein is just part of the equation to building muscle. Just like how buying bricks wouldn’t suddenly give you a skyscraper, eating protein wouldn’t magically gives you muscle too.

There are three other major factors to building muscle apart from consuming large amount of protein.

First, you need to be able to absorb all the protein that you have consumed. In a recent study, young male participants were divided into two groups and given equal amount of whey proteins. The second group drank the whey protein with digestive enzymes from fruits. The result? The second group have higher level of protein in their blood. Higher level of protein in your blood meant building muscle faster. You are probably not consuming the right portions of fruits together with your protein. Our body can only absorb about 10 grams of proteins per hour. Given that food passes through your digestive system within 1.5 hours. You only absorb about 15 grams of protein from your diet, anything more than that is wasted. This is why despite consuming large amount of protein, you can’t bulk up because you can only bulk up as fast as your body can absorb protein.

Secondly. You need sufficient carbohydrates. Many gym goers cut down on their carbohydrates, thinking that carbohydrates make them fat. Yes, too much carbohydrates makes you fat but not enough carbohydrates will cause your body to break down your muscle for protein to burn. And mind you, protein is a poor source of energy, your body get much lesser energy per gram of protein compared to carbohydrates. When you do not consume enough carbohydrates, large amount of your dietary protein will be burned to compensate for the lack of energy. That’s explain why you don’t bulk up after consuming large amount of protein.

Third. Your muscle is more than just proteins. It have nerves attached to it, blood vessels and lymph nodes. It’s a package. Protein alone is not enough for building muscle. You need other good nutrients like calcium, potassium, sodium and a healthy dose of fats of nerve building. You need iron to produce red blood cells to support your muscular activity and growth. And lastly good nutrients like coconut oil to improve the absorption of nutrients. It’s very much like building an iPhone with several thousands parts. Nothing can happen until all the parts are available for assembly. Likewise, your muscles requires more than just protein. Unless all other nutrients are present, no amount of protein can make you buff. It’s just a bottleneck phenomenal.

#5 Loser Mindset: Women aren’t that important. Why gym so hard to impress them?

If women are your only reason for gymming then you will definitely fail in your gym regime! Women are not a good reason for men to go to gym. There are more benefits from gymming apart from attracting women.

First, statistician have shown that muscular men have a larger income. They have found that men who weigh 11kg lesser than the average earns $8437 lesser annually.

We human are visual creatures and more likely to have positive feelings for attractive people. These positive feelings would then allow muscular men to easily influence people around them. Muscular men are more likely to be acknowledged as a leader and generally get more things done by influencing others to work harder. Good leadership and productivity makes muscular men more likely to be promoted, allowing them to rise up the corporate ladder faster, netting them a larger paychecks than their skinner peers.

Secondly, gymming make you smarter and gives you healthier children. Neuroscientists have found that men who gym frequently have a larger hippocampus. It’s a part of your brain that control memory and learning. A larger hippocampus meant you are a better learner, allowing you to learn new skills and give you an edge over other people. Furthermore, gymming have proven to boost your DNA repair capability. It’s a natural adaption from your body as gymming result in slight DNA damages and your body would adapt to those damages by increasing your DNA repair capability. A strong DNA repair capability meant your genes are always at optimal conditions, allowing you to pass good genes to your children, making them healthier.

If earning large paychecks, become smarter and have heathier children cannot motivate you to gym, then you are truly a loser. Losers deserve to lose.

#6 Loser Mindset: Ah I’m so tired. Snoozing for 15 minutes will make me more awake.

Bullshit. Sleeping for another 15 more minutes will never make you more awake. It’s either you wake up now or sleep for another 45 minutes. The true benefits of sleep only happens when you are in the full duration of deep sleep. However to enter deep sleep, you have to sleep for 45 minutes.

Every time you wake up after a short 15 minutes of sleep, you are depriving your brain of a chance from entering deep sleep. Without deep sleep, those mere 15 minutes of light sleep would not make you more awake.

Worst still, after that short 15 minutes of light sleep, you might end up even more tired as your brain just began to enter deep sleep. When you are more tired? You would demand yet another 15 minutes of sleep, yet another, yet another. And soon, after 4 snoozing, you wake up time will be set back by more than hour. Worst still, you may end up developing a bad habit of snoozing repeatedly and missing your gym regime altogether.

Stop being a loser. Wake up when the alarm rings. Being more awake after 15 minutes of snoozing is a myth. If you have to get to the gym, you get up and go to the gym. Only losers give excuses.

#7 Loser Mindset: Fried chicken and beer once a while should be fine.

Now define your “once a while”. Who’s know you might say the same thing tomorrow? Everything will snowball and soon all the hard work you have put into gymming are now going into the drain. You do not need fried chicken or beer. You would not fall sick or lose your mind if you do not eat unhealthy food. In fact, it’s another way round. Eating unhealthy food make you unhealthy.

Now everything is in your brain. Your brain control the desire to consume unhealthy food. The reason being simple: food equal survival. Once again, your inner brain is the culprit. When you workout, your blood glucose and ions level go below average. Well, because you burn glucose for energy and you lose ions when you sweat. But little did you know, these drop in glucose and ions are detected by your brain. And sometimes it get interpreted as your body as starvation since starvation produce the same phenomenal in your blood. And since food equal to survive, your inner brain would output very strong signal to get you to seek out food and consume them.

When such event occurs, you should do all your can to resist the calls from your brain to consume those unhealthy food. Again, it’s all in your mind. There’s nothing stopping you from saying no to those unhealthy food. Saying no to unhealthy food is something you can control. And you have every rights to hate yourself if you were to give into unhealthy food cravings.

Every unhealthy food you eat, set you a step back in your goal to attaining that perfect body. Remember, you hit the gym for a reason and you must not stop until you have achieve goal. Every step backwards meant spending more time in that shitty life. You deserve a better life more than you deserve unhealthy food. Stop being a loser, acknowledge that you always have the power to say no to unhealthy food.

In conclusions, loser mindsets are never real nor scientifically proven. The idea that you are strong than you think are not just sayings. They are real and scientifically proven. Our muscular limits is purely psychological and your muscle can produce a force several times larger than you think is possible. Bad procrastination habits are also based on wrong theory or myth that you may have came across. I hope these scientific replies have help destroy those loserish mindset in you, make you less likely to procrastinate and more motivate to gym. Seriously, if science cannot convince you to become a winner, then nothing else will.

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