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Here’s 9 Ways to Change Your Brain Structure. BUT Please Don’t Do Number 8.

#1 Become a Mathematician


When researchers at University College London showed 16 mathematicians mathematical equations while lying inside a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Machine. They found that when mathematicians rate equation as beautiful, a small part of their brain known as medial orbitofrontal cortex, which is in the middle of their front brain, light up.

In ordinary people, the exact same part of their brain lid up when they were shown visual or musical arts. And the same part of mathematician’s brain lid up, it shows that they treat equations like an art form.

In order words, what equations is to mathematicians is like what chopin nocturne is to average people like us.

And apparently only mathematicians have this ability because when normal average people are shown the same equations, there is no observable reactions from their brain. This further illustrate that mathematicians do indeed have a different brain structure than the average joes. So if you ever want to change your brain structure, start doing more maths and become a mathematician.


#2 Do a Soccer Heading Like A Pro.


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I mean this is pretty obvious isn’t it? When you crash your head against something that is flying with velocity of 80 km per hour, you can be sure as hell something inside your brain will change. Even for amateur soccer players, they would usually complain of dizziness, blur vision and even tingling sounds inside their head.

But how about seasoned players who play soccer professionally? According to a study published by radiology, they have shown that there are molecular changes to the white matters of soccer players’ brain. And those changes are exactly the same as those who are suffering from traumatic brain injuries.

Dr. Lipton said “Repetitive heading could set off a cascade of responses that lead to degeneration of brain cells over time.” The research found that professional players who do about 885 to 1550 heading a year are most likely to have brain injuries. Although these brain injuries are considered mild but these injuries would cause an abnormal build-up of proteins that can block or disable neural pathways controlling things like memory, judgment and fear.

However, neuroscientist have added that different people will have different treshold. There are professionally players who had done decades of heading but yet there are no observable injuries to their brain. But for unseasoned soccer player, one hard knock is pretty much all it’s take to damage your brain. So do care when you see a soccer ball flying your way. Soccer balls are meant to be kicked, just kick it.


#3 Get Stressed up


In 2011, Japanese neuroscientist did a brain scan on 37 people just before the Japanese Great Earthquake that triggered a huge tsunami in March. And after which 4 months, they did a scan on the same people and once more after 1 year after the earthquake.

After 4 month, the Japanese neuroscientist found that there was actually a reduction in volume of their hippocampus and their front part of their brain.  They have also added these part of the brain are highly sensitive to hormones changes and it’s not surprising to see them undergo structural changes when exposed to high level of stress hormones like cortisol.

However, after 1 year, their hippocampus continue to shrink but their front of their brain increase in size. This shows that many structural changes caused by stress are reversible. And also, the test subject also reported a higher level of self-esteem which is result of increase of size of the front part of their brain. And that is definitely good news because higher level of self-esteem will help their body deal with anxiety and depression


#4 Watch too Much Porn


This is bad news for guys because apparently mad scientist have enlist 64 healthy males aged 21-45 and found that men who watch more porn have lesser grey matters in part of their brains that process motivation.

Furthermore, they found that their left and right brain communicate lesser for men who watch the most porn. Even during the test, when these men are shown pornograpic materials, the part of the brain that are responsible for motivation actually become less active.

This meant that men who watch too much porn will require more stimulation to be equally motivated compared to men who watch lesser porn. Scientist added that watching porn is something that is rewarding and that excessive stimulation of the reward system will result in changes to the brain structure. And perhaps, one day the scientist could map out these changes so that when they give you brain scan, they will know immediately if you have been watching too much porn. Ha! Maybe your parents can buy one too! Scared?


#5 Fall In Love


“Drenched in chemicals that bestow focus, stamina and vigor, and driven by the motivating engine of the brain, lovers succumb to a Herculean courting urge. ” Said Dr. Helen Fisher, a leading neuroscientist on the topic of love. Yes. Your brain is literally drenched with chemicals and undergoes structural changes when you are in love.

According to When people are in love, the first part of the brain that light up was the Ventral Tegmental Area. It’s a part of your brain that manufacture dopamine and with long octopus-like leg, they sprinkle dopamine to different part of your brain, causing many parts of your brain to lid up like paris.

“No wonder lovers talk all night or walk till dawn, write extravagant poetry and self-revealing e-mails, cross continents or oceans to hug for just a weekend, change jobs or lifestyles, even die for one another. ” Added Dr. Helen Fisher. When you are in love, you just suddenly become so motivated and all these are the result of a profound change in your brain structure.


#6 Become a Father.


Alright this get a little gross because researcher in Israel apparently studied the effect of child-rearing on normal men and gay men. The gay men had a woman to bear children for them and took over immediately after birth. They found that both normal ad gay males will undergo structural changes in their brain when experiencing childrearing.

When these father were shown recording of them playing with their child, the Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine registered changes to their brain. But apparently more regions of the gay men brain are stimulated as compared to straight men. They exhibited activation of the amygdala which was comparable to that of the mothers, but also activation of the superior temporal sulcus (STS) which was similar to that of normal men. Whereas for the normal men, it’s only the superior temporal sulcus(STS) that was stimulated.

So you would like to drastically change your brain structure. I guess it’s time for you to turn gay and start playing with children.


#7 Exercise


Yes. Exercise not only boost your brain power temporarily but also causes permanent structural changes to various part of your brain that will aid you in learning and memorization. According to article posted onFront Psychol.  Several changes to the brain structure is noticed when a person began to exercise daily. Most of the changes occurs with a pea size region called hippocampus that is located deep inside your brain.

The benefits of exercise have noticed for a long time starting in 1999 when mice who exercise daily on the wheel have more new neurons in the hippocampus compared to mice who were lazy. Furthermore, in latest studies, researcher have shown that after 1 year of aerobic exercise, the volume of hippocampus actually grew by 2% in elderly patients but for a small group of schizophrenic patients, the growth was an astonishing 12%. And that’s say a lot about the beneficial effects of exercising on our brains.

And yes exercising changes your brain structure which will help you manage stress better and become a faster learner.


#8 Go to Space


This is something you probably shouldn’t do. Because it involves getting blasting your brains with highly penetrating and high energy particles. And according to a new study released by Johns Hopkins. They blasted rats with the same high-energy particles that the astronauts were routinely exposed to. After which they put the rats through a series of test and found that there is a drop in critical brain functions like learning and memorization.

They concluded that long-term deep space missions can alter brain proteins and cause cognitive deficits like lapses in attention and slower reaction times.


#9 Not Sleeping









There are many reasons why people don’t sleep. If it’s working or studying then you are pardon. But if it’s because soccer show or gaming, then you should pay attention to this.

Scientist from Sweden have recently published a journal in Sleep. In their report, they measured the concentration of proteins that are commonly associated with brain injuries and found that those who have not slept for 24 hours will have 20% more of such protein in their blood.

Although the level of such protein is still much lower than patient who are suffering from serious brain injuries. The sudden spike in the concentration of these proteins proved that not sleeping is causing real brain damage. Although the damage is small but they can be accumulative. And the accumulated damage from years of lack of sleep can be quite a force to reckon with.



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