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Headache? We Might Find These 5 Seriously Disgusting Organisms In Your Brain.

When our head hurts, it meant something is wrong. While for most for us, the pain is simply due to stress and lack of sleep. But for a very selected group of people, something is seriously wrong. You would never wished you were one of them unless you would like to have a few creatures lurking in your brain, chomping away your brain bits by bits. Here’s 5 seriously disgusting creatures that were ever found inside someone else brain.

#1 Tapeworm.

In 2012, a man from China complained of chronic headaches for 4 long years. Doctors were puzzled with his condition till they send him for MRI scans. The MRI scans


Tapeworm, a type of parasites usually found in animals guts when meat infected by tapeworms eggs are consumed.

Tapeworm in man's brain

Doctors weren’t sure how the tapeworm got there. It is believed that the man had rubbed raw infected frog against his sore eyes as Chinese believed that raw frog can treat sore eyes.

Next, was a 11 years old boy from China who started suffering from seizures. And a tapeworm were found inside brain as well. Luckily for him, he was operated early and it saved his life.


The disgusting tapeworm that is being pulled out of the boy brain during surgery.

#2 Spider eggs. Or more specifically, Tarantula Eggs.

It was simply a normal hike up the mountains in Utah. But this 55 years old man clearly bought back something extra from his hiking trip. Soon after his trip, he discovered that a lump began to develop on his forehead. Little did he knew… it was actually spider eggs!


Pictures showing a lump of yellowish ball inside his forehead during a surgery. It is actually spider eggs. No one knew how it got there.

The old man described his ordeal as something creepy crawling through his skin, he could hear them every night and even felt something was literally munching away at his brain. Furthermore, the spider eggs were deposited way below his skins. The spider have somehow found a way to punch a small hole through his skins and skull and lay its egg right under the skull, just above the brain. He was lucky that the doctors had intervened early before the eggs start hatching, else it would be hell of a mess.

#3 Naegleria Fowleri – Brain eating Amoeba.

Amoeaba is single-celled organism. It is capable of movement, trap prey for food and of course, digest your brains into bits. Most species of amoeba is quite harmless but some have evolved to consume animal brains. They are mostly found in freshwater lakes and muddy areas. When water infected with such amoeaba were to circulate through your nasal passage, they would cling on to your olfactory nerves and munch on them, reproduce and move on deeper into your nervous system. Finally they would reach your brain, eat your brain out. Yuck.


#4 Toxoplasma gondii – parasitic protozoan from cat’s manure. 

This parasitic creature first began its journey in a rat. It is capable of influencing its behaviour and make rats unafraid of cat urine and in turn increase its chance of being eaten by cats. Once eaten, the parasitic creature would accumulate inside cats gut which provide an incredible good environment for it proliferation.

The parasitic protozoan will infect human when we clean up after cat’s manure. In fact, 1 in 4 humans are actually infected with such parasite. And it is known to reside in our brains too. But rarely do people become ill from the parasite although it is known that such parasite might slow down our reaction time and result in accidents. Oh well. Life sucks.



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