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7 NeuroToxins That You Probably Have Ate. And Here’s Where They Are Coming From.

According to Dr. David Bellinger, a neurobiology professor from the Harvard Medical School. He estimated that American Children have lost an accumulated 41 Million IQ points due to neurotoxin found in their food.  And it’s not just about children having lower IQ. Eating food laced with neurotoxins are eroding away these children’s intelligent and truncating on their potential achievements.


It’s time to avoid these food because it meant having smarter children and a smarter you.  Here’s 10 food that are laced with neurotoxins that you should avoid.


#1 – Aluminium Canned Drinks.


According to Coca Cola, one of the largest soft drinks produced in the world. The human race consumed an average of 1.7 Billion serving  were drank EVERYDAY. Wow, that’s a huge amount. And most people thought they were just drinking coke.

But the truths is, Aluminum Cans are often laced with maganese. These maganese are added to help aluminum last longer because maganese is more reactive than aluminium and would react with the acids in your soft drinks instead of the aluminium.

However, once the magagese have reacted with the acids in your soft drinks, they become water soluble and consumed together with your soft drinks. And According to a research released by  Takeda.A, a neurobiology researcher. He found that people who are often exposed to high level of Maganese have a higher chance of developing Neurological disorders like Parkinson Disease and Wilson Disease. Furthermore, children with high level of maganese in their blood develop much slower.


#2 – Your ToothPaste.


Fluoride is a well known additive in toothpaste because it helps to kills acid-producing baterials in your mouth. But what most people don’t know is that toothpaste contains 1000ppm of fluorine. Just 100ppm is enough to cause brain damange.

According to a study released in 2010. Researchers from Harvard went to China to research on the effect of fluorine on Neural Development in children. They selected two villages who relied heavily on well water. The well water from one village have high level of fluorine and another with low level of fluorine. They discovered that children who were drinking highly flourinated water have a significant reduction in their IQ compared to the peers from another village.

And again, studies have conducted on animals and have shown that elevated level of fluorine can adverse effect on human neural development.

Well, toothpaste is great for preventing tooth decay. Just make sure you don’t swallow them.


#3 – Corn, almonds, apples, oranges and bananas.


These are cash crops and are generating millions of dollars for food companies.  And to generate even more money? Pesticides like Chloropyrifos are added in huge amount to kill off insects who feed on these crops. Chloropyrifos is a neurotoxin because it interferes with enzymes in insects neurons, and prevent excited neurons from returning to their original state. As a result, excited neurons repetitively fires electrical signals and cause a neural overload and eventually kills the insert.

And in small dosage, Chloropyrifos will hinder neural development in children and cause migraines in adult.

Chloropyrifos is first marketed by DOW company and has since faced many lawsuit by the US government. First in 1995, DOW company is fined more then 700k for withholding 249 reports of chloropyrifos poisoning. And again 2million for false advertisment that Chloropyrifos safe for residential usage.


#4 – Rice grown in Southern US


Rice is especially vulneable to arsenic posioning because they are grown in water.  According to John M.Duxbury, a PHD professor of soil science at Cornell University, He said that all plants takes up arsenic from soil because arsenic are often mistaken by plants to be a necessary nutrient.

And rice from Southern US are especially harmful because they were grown on land that were once used to produce cotton. And cotton farmers have used arsenic based pesticides on their crops, causing widespread arsenic contamination of soil. These arsenic then make their way into rice crops and unknowingly consumed by Americans and people abroad.

Arsenic, even in small concentration can damage your neurons. They initiate destruction of neuron cells especially at the axons. This prevent Neurons from communication with one another and leads to symptoms like muscle cramps and numbness.


#5 – Plastic Bottles.


Toluene is a commonly used in manufacturing of plastic bottles because it is a good solvent. It can be used to dissolved plastic pieces and mould them into desired shape. But once the bottle are made, there will always be traces of toulene left behind.  And they almost always consumed together with the drinks.

And according to a reseach done by Canadian government on substance abuse. People who snift Toulene to get an artificial high. They discovered that substance abuser especially those who snift toulene are have a dramatic decrease in neuro performance on psychometric test.  Furthermore, exposure to toulene can lead to permanent changes to brain structure and cause a reduction in desity and volume of grey and white matters.


#6 – Tuna, Mackerel(King), Shark, Swordfish and Marlin


According to American Pregnancy. These seafoods have the highest concentration of mercury. Essentially fish who are at the top of the food chain tend to have the highest concentration of mercury because mercury absorbed by fish cannot be removed and they accumulate along the food chain. And they end up in significant level in top predators like Tune and Sharks.

Watch this video of Nerve cell shrinking when exposed to Mercury

The video is self-explanatory. High level of mercury leads to nerve cell shrinking and hence affecting your neuro performance.


#7 – Your Favourite Johnnie Walker


Apparently it’s not just Johnnie Walker. All alcoholic drinks are damaging to your brain. If you have ever gotten drunk, you would have experience first hand of the psychoactive effect of ethanol. Ethanol will result in an increase on inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA. Resulting in slower neura electrical impulses, making your sluggish and causing lapsed memory.

It good to avoid alcohol if necessary because research have found that alcohol can cause permanent damage to your brain if drank in large quantites for long period of time. Especially pregnant women, causing brith defects and learning disabilities in her children.

In conclusion, there are chemicals added to our food to enhance their favour and appearance so food companies can sell more and enjoy larger profits. It’s only in recent years that reseacher have that these chemcials have damaging effect on our brains and prevent us from acheiving our fullest potential. If you are seeking for sucess, better life and a smarter you. It’s time to avoid these 7 food.

Main Source: The Atlantic – The Toxin That Threaten Our Brains

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