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6 Activities That Kills Your Motivation Without You Knowing.

Our brains are made up of inner and outer regions. The inner regions are responsible for your desire to survive while the outer regions are responsible for higher level of thoughts for example, going to gym and trying to achieve that perfect body.

However the two regions of your brain need not always be working together due the fact that energy is a limited resources. Your inner brain would aim to conserve energy for survival sake while on the other hand, your outer brain would demand energy to achieve a higher purpose like gymming. Whether you can make it to the gym depends largely on which part of your brain win the fight.

This lead us to the first three point.

#1 Putting your gym regime in the morning

Our inner brain controls our sleep too. And it’s much more powerful than your outer brain in the morning  because it’s the first region of your brain to wake up in the morning. As mentioned earlier, your inner brain would find ways to conserve energy for your survival. Since your inner brain is stronger than your outer brain in the morning, you will find yourself not having the motivation to go to gym. Afterall your inner is explicitly sending out powerful signals to stop you from going to gym.

Plan your gym regime in the late morning. By then your outer brain would have woke up sufficiently and can fight against your inner brain well. And when your outer brain wins the fight? You find yourself being motivated to gym.

#2 Not being progressive.

Being progressive with your gym regime help you build up muscular strength. Sudden large expenditure of energy would leave you extremely tired and drained of energy. The lack of energy would meant you are less capable of fight or flight away from danger. Not to mentioned that your muscles are aching. Your inner brain will start to associate gym with danger, making you more likely to procrastinate on your gym regime.

Be patient and progressive with your gym regime. Over-exerting yourself not only brings about unwanted injuries, it would also causes your brain to associate gym with injuries and danger. By being progressive, you can build up the muscular strength and momentum to keep going on. Also, your inner brain would stop associating gym with dangers and would never output signals to stop you from gymming.

#3 Not keeping track of your progress

Motivation in humans are largely determined by the amount of perceived rewards from completing the task. Generally, the larger the rewards, the more motivated we are to complete. However when the rewards are not instantaneous, we tend to perceive the rewards to be much lesser. For example in a an experiment on instant gratification, participants were given a choice of having $10 now versus $12 if they wait for 30 minutes. And turns out, most of the participants choose $10 because $12 is perceived of a lower value due to the waiting

The same concept applies to gymming. The delayed gratification nature of gymming make gymming appear to be less rewarding. And in the process, reduces your motivation to gym. By tracking your own progress, you are able to see how much you progress since you first started. By noticing and appreciating your progress, you are giving your brain little rewards in terms of dopamine boost, which can have a large impact on your morale and motivation to gym.

#4 Bad body position

Neuroscientists have found that mere changes in body posture can produce physical and measurable changes in your body. In an experiment, neuroscientists have found that people who stood up straight and pump up their fist in a victory-like motion actually have higher levels of testosterone than people who squat down and making themselves as small as possible. The changes in the level of testosterone is so profound that people in the victory-like posture became more courageous and did a bungee jump at the end of the experiment. While people in a “loser” posture did not attempt the bungee jump.

Body posture can influence your motivation to gym. Entering a gym being grumpy would stir up negative energy and stopping you from completing the gym regime for the day. Instead, you should stood up straight and walk into a gym with confidence, for which a victory-like posture can have a positive effect on your motivation level.

#5 Surrounding yourself with lazy people

We humans have a special groups of neurons known as the mirror neurons. These mirror neurons allows us to duplicate the brain activity of a person onto own brain just by being close to that person. Mirror neurons also gives us the capability to sympathize with another human and it also allows us to understand one another intentions.

Mirror neurons are the reasons why you should never surround yourself with lazy people. Just by being close to them, your mirror neurons will duplicate their lazy mentality onto you yourself, making you just as lazy as them.

Furthermore, humans are social creatures and it’s natural to have the desire to conform to social norms. It definitely will be difficult to gym consistently when you are surrounded with lazy people. Surround yourself with hardworking people who likes to gym.

#6 Masturbating too frequently

Masturbating satisfy your sexual desire. It definitely feel good to release those pent up sexual energy. However, masturbating too much kills your motivation to gym.

The reason for young men to hit the gym is mostly sexual. Men know very clearly that a perfect body will get them sex with more desirable women. And when you masturbate too often? You loses their sexual desire and definitely less motivated to gym.

Sexual needs is one of the most primal motivation of humans. Sex can greatly motivate a person. In Napoleon Hills Think and Grow Rich book, he mentioned how very successful men were able to channel their sexual energy into building great business empires. You too have a huge amount of sexual energy, use that energy wisely and do not waste it by masturbating. It’s not worth it.

In conclusion, motivation can be influenced by many factors. By understanding how these factors affect your motivation, you can definitely become more motivated to gym by manipulating those factors. Motivation is truly important to a person who wish to obtain a perfect body, for which the only thing that stands between you and that perfect body is simply just motivations.

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