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5 Ways to Sleep Like a Champ. And Yes! Wake up Feeling Like a Champ Too.

I’m sure there are times when you probably have slept more than 10 hours but still feel sleepy and groggy. It’s because quantity does not necessarily means quality. Once in a while, you may hit jackpot and get that really good quality sleep and feel as if you have slept for a long time. You would wake up fresh and feeling like a champion, ever ready to take on the day challenges. But however, most of the time, you get low quality sleep. And this affects your ability to think, focus and memorize for the rest of the day. If you ever want to know how to have great quality sleep and wake up feeling like a champion, this long article is exactly what you need to read.



1) Eat these food before you go to sleep

“How well you eat will determine how well you sleep” According to Dr. Michael Grandner from Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. In his groundbreaking study, he found that there is a strong correlations between test subject’s diet and their sleep period. For people who sleep less than 4 hours a day, he found that they tend to consume lesser variety of food, less than recommended amount of carbohydrates and not enough food that are packed with disease fighting nutrients like lycopene. He recommended people who have severe sleep problem to consume more food that contains disease fighting nutrients like a glass of tomato juices every morning. Alternatively, you can try red peppers and pink grapefruits.

Next for people who sleep less than 6 hours a day, Dr. Michael found that they consume the most carbohydrates and their diet lack vitamin C and selenium. He encourage these people to add citrus fruits like oranges, limes or lemons into your water as they are rich in vitamin C. And eat more mushroom or Brazilian nuts for a boost in selenium.

And lastly, for people who sleep a lot but still feel lethargic the next day. Dr. Michael found that they doesn’t have not have sufficient stimulants like theobromine and choline which is important for brain health. He recommend one ounce of dark chocolate daily and increase your choline consumption by adding eggs, turkey or scallop into your daily diets.


2) Do these muscle relaxation exercise before you sleep.

According to Dr. Oz. He mentioned that most of his patients couldn’t get to sleep because of racing thoughts and not feeling comfortable in bed. And together with doctors friends, they have derive a simple to follow and effective muscle relaxation exercise that you can do right now to help you relax and fall into sleep faster.

The Twist

  1. Sit up in bed and cross your legs while they are either straight out, or sit cross-legged style.
  2. Turn your body to the left and try to look directly over your left shoulder.
  3. Breathe deeply: Breathing in 1, 2, 3 and out, 1, 2, 3.
  4. Repeat by turning your body to the right. Do this stretch at least twice.

The Figure-4 Stretch

  1. Sit up in bed with your legs straight out in front of you.
  2. Next bend your right leg at the knee and lay it across your other leg so your right ankle is resting comfortably on top of your left knee. This configuration looks like the number 4.
  3. Now reach your right hand into the center of the “4” and your left hand on the outside of your left leg.
  4. Gently lift your left leg toward your chest.
  5. You should begin to feel the stretch in your right glute.
  6. Repeat with the opposite leg. Do this stretch at least twice.

Alternative you can also try his friends progressive muscle relaxation technique by the Dr Michael Breus. Ph.D.Click Here


3) Listen to Pink Noise. What? Pink?

Yes pink noise.German Researchers has found a type of noise that are synchronized to your brain waves and they call it pink noise. And listen to these pink noise apparently can help you increase the duration of deep sleep which are necessary to help you wake up the next day feeling like a champion. The researcher recruited 12 healthy participants and they were shown 120 pairs words before going to sleep. And when they were tested the next morning, researcher found that participants who had listened to pink noise perform better at the memory test. They could recalled an average of 22 pairs of words as compared to just 16 in normal people. Furthermore, they reported a much satisfying sleep and woke up like a champion.

I have tried the pink noise while writing this post. It so creepy because it work almost immediately and definitely had a sedative effect on me. You can download the apps that can play pink noise on your phones here.

iPhones iTunes App Store

Andriod Google Play

Alternative you can listen right now with soundcloud.


4) Take a sniff at Lavender Oil.

In a very recent study conducted by the Department of Psychology, Wesleyan University in USA, they found that plant oil like lavender oilhelp test subjects to reduce their light sleep period and induce them into deep sleep faster compared to an average person. Furthermore, test subjects who were subjected to lavender oil reported waking up feeling fresher and more energetic.

So why is Lavender capable of aiding sleep? Lavender oil is made mainly of Linalool, and Researcher from Technical Research Institute R&D Center, T. Hasegawa Co., Ltd. have found that Linalool is capable of reducing the level of stress hormones in rats. And thus helping these rats to be more relax. They also added that Linalool affect the genes that are responsible for producing stress hormones like cortisol, and reducing the level of these hormones, will help a person to feel more relax and fall asleep faster.


4) Make sure your total sleep are in multiple of 90 minutes

Ever slept more than 12 hours but still wake up feeling tired and groggy? Micheal J. Breus, a Ph.D and fellow in American Academy of Sleep Medicine apparently have the answer. According to Michael, he found that during our sleep, our body goes through many cycles and each cycle last approximately 90 minutes. And during each cycle, your brain activity will drop and rise again. So during a 7.5 hours of sleep, your body would have went through 5 cycles.

Michael added that in order to have quality sleep, your sleeping time ought to be in multiple of 90 minutes. It’s either you sleep 7.5 hours or sleep another 1.5 hours more. It’s because during the middle of a cycle, your brain and body are in very deep sleep. And during this deep sleep period, you will find it harder to wake up and even if you do, you will also feel more tired. It’s because the brain takes time to boot up and it usually does during the last 30 minutes of the time. Since you wake up when your brain is at the deepest sleep, you can expect your brain to take more time to boot up as compared to waking up at the end of the cycle.

So if you want to have quality sleep, make sure your sleep time are in multiple of 90 minutes so you will wake up just in time when your body finishes a cycle. Else, you will be waking in the middle of a cycle and that will definitely throw your body off balance, causing you to feel ever more sleepy and tired.


5) Yes. Listen to a FengShui Master.

According to a FengShui Master, the position of your bed can affect the quality of your sleep. For example, placing your bed right in front of the door is bad because light from outside can easily shine in and lands directly on your face, it stimulates your eyes unnecessarily and disturb your brain. Furthermore, if you have a door behind you, you place your brain in a heightened alert as you cannot see who is coming into your room easily.

The FengShui master have also added that there is a spot in every room known as the power position. It’s where the bed placed in the middle of your room with a solid wall behind you. In this position you get a commanding view of the room and you can easily see who is coming into your room. When you place your bed in a power position, it will place your mind more at ease and turn off the part of your brain that are responsible for flight or fight mechanism. You will tend to worry less and sleep better.



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