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5 Unintended Benefits of Weight Lifting That Makes You Want To Gym RIGHT NOW.

There’s not a single doubt that young men in gym are working hard to improve their physical appearance. And the motivation to go gym is mostly sexual. However, sexual attractiveness as a sole motivation is never enough. In this article, we will discuss other benefits of weight lifting to motivate you to gym often and gym harder.

Firstly, weightlifting is proven by scientists to boost cognitive functions. People who lift weight regularly have a larger hippocampus. Hippocampus is part of your brain that is responsible for verbal learning and memorization. And a larger hippocampus meant learning complicated topic fast and helps you to excel in different environments quickly. Lifting weight regularly also improves the region of your brain that control inhibitory thoughts, it helps you make strategic decisions instead of being reactive and impulsive when bad things happen.

Exercise squeezes and stretches your joints and tendon, stimulating them to secrete beneficial hormones that improve insulin sensitivity and reduce inflammations. Furthermore, exercising also result in the releases of growth hormones within your brain. The release of growth hormones improves blood circulation by encourage blood vessel development within your brain.

Furthermore, these growth hormones would reverse the detrimental effects of stress by kick-starting your cell repair mechanisms. The improvement in blood circulation approves your mood and sleep, and reduces stress and anxiety.

Secondly, statisticians have found that men with larger muscle, brings home a larger income. They have found that men who weigh 11kg lesser than the average earns $8437 lesser annually.

We human are visual creatures and more likely to have positive feelings for attractive people. These positive feelings would then allow muscular men to easily influence people around them. Muscular men are more likely to be acknowledged as a leader and generally get more things done by influencing others to work harder. Good leadership and productivity makes muscular men more likely to be promoted, allowing them to rise up the corporate ladder faster, netting them a larger paychecks than their skinner peers.

Thirdly, men with better physical appearance have higher social ranking. Human social hierarchy are organized very much like chimpanzees where one alpha male have the highest rank while the rest of the males are ranked according to different factors. One of the key determining factor of a male ranking is his physical size. Often, the most muscular man have the highest social ranking.

We humans are social creatures and tend to organize ourselves in groups, with individual taking up different roles and responsibility. However the glamour and rewards of different roles varies greatly. The most glamour and rewarding roles are often given to the highest ranking male. While the dirty but necessary roles are given to the lower ranking male. Furthermore, rewards gained as a group are rarely distributed evenly. You definitely DO NOT want to have lower social ranking, for which it deprives you of rewards that you truly deserve, not to mention that lower ranking males are often sacrificed for the good of his community.

Fourthly, working out often in gym gives you healthier children in the future. Scientists have found out that oxidative damages from exercising would increase our cell repair mechanism capability. During weight lifting, our consumption of oxygen is largely increased and a small percentage of oxygen would be converted to highly reactive oxidants. these oxidant molecules would eventually cause minor damages to our cells and DNA.

Although our DNA is subjected to oxidative damages during exercise, these minor oxidative damages would result in a greater increase in our DNA repair capacity, allowing DNA damages to be repaired and keep our genes extremely robust. These robust genes and damage-free DNA would then be passed on to your offspring, making them healthier.

And in an experiment conducted on 1558 Danish men in 2004, scientists have discovered that skinny and obese men have lower sperm quality in term of semen volume and number of normal sperms. Muscular men on the other hand have the best score in fertility. It’s seem that lifting weight not only gives you healthier children, it also improves your fertility.

Lastly, muscular men get more sex from women. Just like how men desire women with bigger breast and small waist, women desire men with bigger arms and leaner abs too. Just like how men would hit on sexy women to get sex, women would also hit on muscular men to have sex with them.

It make perfect sense to evolutionary scientists why women want sex with muscular men. Afterall, muscular men makes can fight off other males, protect precious resources like food and water. When everything else fail, when survival is at stakes, a more muscular men are also in a more favourable position to take away another man’s precious resources to feed his own family. As mentioned earlier, exercising improves brain functions. After exercising, you would have a clear state of mind, more assertive and definitely more confidence. And boys, confidence is sexy.

In conclusion, going to gym and lifting weights bring about many benefits. A person’s motivation to gym is largely influenced by the by the perceived benefits of gymming. Appreciate that benefits of gymming extends beyond just sexual attractiveness would make you more motivated to go to gym. Hopefully this article helped motivated you to gym soon!

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