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4 Things to Do to be Successful Even if You Are Born Stupid.

It’s definitely nice to be successful. All the money, attention and pride, it’s definitely nice to be successful. And yes you do need to have a certain traits to be successful and one of the most important ones are your intelligence. There are many aspect to intelligence and academic intelligence is only one of them. There are people who really capable of becoming great entrepreneur and attain great success but kinda shy away when they told that intelligence is a requirement to be successful.

In fact, the reason for their fear is that they thought ntelligence is something that is borned with. However, new advanced in neuroscience have proved otherwise. Our brain is highly changable and can undergo a process known as neuroplasticity to help your brain to adapt to its environment. In order words, there are things you can do to become smart and successful even if you are born stupid.


1) Practice and practice with deliberation.


Ever heard that the price of talent is 10,000 hours? You probably would if you have read self-help book. And that definitely not a pickup line nor a scam. Our brain is constantly remoulding itself to adapt current demand and by demanding more from your brain by constant practices, you can remould your brain to become smarter. However, practicing alone does not make perfect, practicing only make it permanent. Only practice with deliberation will make your successful.

Practice with deliberation is about tracking your performance and make sure you are always improving after every practice session. Improvement is a must because once you stagnate for a period of time, your skill level become permanent and making you less likely to improve. And keep tracking your performance and keep making improvement no matter how slight it it. Anyone even if they are born stupid can be incredibily good at anything if they were to stay focus and put in 10,000 hours of deliberate practice.

This really applies to anything. If you ever want to be good with mathematics, simply put in the hard work and keep practicing your math. Math like any other skills take times to improve and no doubt you will suck at anything at first. Keep your spirit high, stay focus and keep grinding and keep making improvenment. Soon, you wil be a genius at it and be succesful.


2) Eat Proper Food. Stupid. 


Do you know that American children have lost almost 40 million accumulative IQ points just because they eat unhealthy food? And it’s scientifically proven that just by eating certain food, you can boost your brain capabilities.

There are food laced with neurotoxins, for example pesticides in fruits, mercury in fish and floride in water have been proven to cause damage to brain cells and in turn, resulting in decrease brain capabilities. It’s important to know about food that are known to contain neurotoxin so you can best avoid them else eating those food would definitely stop you from being successful.

On the other hand, there are food that scientifically proven to boost brain capabilities. Food like salmon, watercress and even spices provide you the necessary nutrients to manufacture and repair brain cells, protect it from oxidative stress and help it perform at its peak. Eating good nutrient is not just about being healthy, it meant giving you brain that little extra boost you need to become successful. And anyone can definitely get access to those food that are good for them and be successful even if they are born stupid.

One of the best health advice is to eat like you are in 1800s. Eat what people in 1800s are eating because apparently, heart attacks, cancels and obesity never existed in 1800s and according to new research, scientist have found that the rise of processed food correlate with many disease like heart attack, cancers, obesity and most importantly, decrease in intelligence among American.

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3) Always be learning new things.


The ability to learn new things fast is one of the trademark of successful people. Successful people become successful by riding the new waves or era in consumerism. For example, Apple Inc and Samsung had great engineers who mastered mobile and touchscreen quickly and helped their companies ride the waves of smartphones. Few of us will have the foresight to see the next waves, we only feel it when it’s here. But most of the time, the waves can move on rather quickly and only people who can learn new skills fast will be able to ride and be successful.

Neuroscience have proven when you learn skills, you brain is force to rewires itself in a phenomenal known as neuroplasticity. The speed at which a person rewires his/her brain varies from people to people. But neuroscientist discovered that those rewires their brain fast will learn new skills fast. They added that to rewires your fast, you have to be constantly learning new skills because learning new skills keep your brain plastic and get used to changing. And when the time come for you to learn and learn fast, you will see that brain is ever ready to change and thus help you to learn skills fast and be successful faster.

Whereas for people who have being doing the same routine or not learning anything new, they may find learning a chore. There are many activities that can cause your brain to rewires and they can be fun and entertaining. But some activities are much more effective than other at causing your brain to change. You can read more here.

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4) Destablizer


Our thinking and thoughts appears to be intanglible because we cannot touch it, hear it, feel it nor taste it. It gives us the illusion that our thoughts and thinking is spiritual but the truth is. Every thoughts and thinking that is going through your head is actually very much physical and they are manifest itself as series of neuro connections between your brain cells. Some of connection can be very strong because you are very used to a specific way of thinking and it prevents you from thinking differently.

And you can’t simply think diferently just by thinking about it because after all, your thoughts are very much physical and you need destablizer to change it. Destablizer are new experiences that can cause paradigm shift in your thinking. It challenges your belief and changes it. It’s really important because when you change what you believe, you change what you do!

Destablizer can be simple, it can be any of the 7 listed below.

  • New experiences
  • A holiday
  • Seminars
  • Reading a new book / essay
  • Videos / DVD
  • Meetings with a Mentors
  • Discussion with like-minded peers. Ben Franklin started a club called Junto which had the goal of mutual improvement. They met every Friday evening to discuses business, personal issues, philosophy, morals, & politics.
  • It could even be just plain time to think

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