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3 Must-Have Traits of a Gym Buddy That Make You Bulk Up FAST!

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with” Just like how entrepreneurs who surround themselves with like-minded entrepreneur are more likely to succeed, surrounding yourself with good gym buddy can make or break your desire to gym and to achieve that perfect body.

Having a good gym buddy is extremely crucial to your gymming success. A good gym buddy will inspire and motivate you and a bad one will demoralize you, making you quit the gym regime before you attain that perfect body.

So here’s three traits that you should look out for when seeking a gym buddy.

First, your gym buddy must be someone who is a positive thinker, be it while gymming or in other areas of commitments. The opposite of positivity is negativity. Negativity is dangerous because it can spread and affect your motivation level. We humans have a special group of neurons knowns as mirror neurons. These mirror neurons is capable of duplicating a person brain activity onto our brain, allowing us to understand each other intentions and feeling inside out. However, this unique ability to duplicate brain activity meant a person’s negativity get duplicated onto us as well. It often happen involuntarily and happens to us simply by being near a negative person.

It always in your best interest to keep your spirits up and avoid negative thinkers in a gym. This is crucial because negative thinking affect your motivation level adversely. Generally, the easier the task and the larger the rewards, the more motivated we are to complete the task. Negative thinking, make simple task (gymming) more difficult that it seems and it makes the reward (female attention) less exciting. And in the process, making you less motivated and more likely to procrastinate on your gym regime. Stay away from negative thinker, seek out positive people and get infected with their positivity, for which it will help keep your motivation level high.

Secondly, seek out a gym who are disciplined enough to gym often. And of course, be friend with that person. We humans are social creatures. Our brain is wired to seek out new social interactions and desire to maintain these social bonds. We do it because staying together as a group help us survive better which explain why it’s so difficult to stay alone, explains why we needed female attentions.

Your gym buddy is a friend. It’s very natural for your brain to desire to maintain those social bond with your friend. This desire to maintain the social bond become an obligation to go gym with your gym buddy. This is because skipping gym and leaving your buddy alone in the gym hurts social bond. And you definitely do not want to hurt social bonds or at least, subconsciously. Over time, this become a obligation, making you more motivated to go to gym.

Thirdly, seek out a gym buddy who is in a slightly better shape than you. The keyword is slightly. You see, motivations is affected by the perceived difficulties of a task. Gymming with an ultra fit person makes you feel less motivated to gym because catching up and overtaking him will take a substantial amount of efforts.

However, if you have a gym buddy who is slightly better than you, it will really motivate you to gym harder. After all guys are competitive in nature and always seek to win. But whether we actually put in the effort depends on how good our competitor are. If he is out of our league, we lose that motivation to gym harder. But if he is just slightly better, it is quite easy to stay motivated to overtake him as it is manageable.

Worst comes to worst and if you cannot find any gym buddy with the three traits mentioned above, it is then in your best interest to gym alone. After all, having a negative thinker as gym buddy kills your motivations to gym harder. Not to mention having a gym buddy, who constantly procrastinate on gym regime, makes you lose that social obligation to gym with him. And lastly, gym buddy who are lousier than you makes you complacent and does not bring out that competitive nature in you.

In conclusion, having a good gym buddy is important to your gymming success as a gym buddy influences your motivation level. Like what great entrepreneur often say, you are the average of the 5 closest people you spend your time with. Spending time in a gym with loser make you more likely to quit your gym regime. So does gymming with highly-motivated gym buddy and positive thinking buddy makes you more likely to succeed in attaining that perfect body. Now I wish you all the best in finding that great gym buddy and every luck in achieving that perfect body.

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